Why Mobile Apps are required ?

Mobile Apps are the backbone of the Digital Era. This is the most popular medium to reach to the customers. Mobile apps can be easily downloaded on mobiles and easy to use as well.

  • To serve the wide range of customers across Globe – DIGITAL PLATFORM is the only Solution.
  • It helps to spread or scale your business
  • Provides comfort and ease of access of products to the customer
  • Helps to increase profitability

How GAMMA BYTE TECHNOLOGY develops Mobile Apps test ?

This process has multiple steps inscribed in it. Steps depend on testers as well as applications. Following steps are followed by GAMMA BYTE TECHNOLOGY:

  • Analysis of customer requirements: As we received customer requirements, our team start going through with the customers requirement and check the feasibility of the same
  • Proceed with Devlopment Plan and Coding: After analysis of requirements our team prepare the development plan which contains coding strategy and plan for customer demos
  • Unit & E2E Testing: After development of the application, development team performs unit testing and also performs E2E checks.
  • Exploratory Testing: As part of this our teams test application randomly. This test consists multiple permutations of multiple user inputs, cross navigations across applications etc.
  • If customer opts for application testing as well, then our separate SW testing teams performs detailed Integration, System and Regression Testing.

Why GAAMA BYTE TECHNOLOGY for Web Devlopment ?

  • Project Management: This is the one of the reasons why we have been a pioneer name in the same. Once we get order from customer, instantly we prepare a team of executives and manager, which starts work. We prepare and publish
    • Devlopment Plan
    • Weekly Status report
  • Devlopment by experts: We include senior testing engineers in our teams. Responsibilities of experts are :
    • Application development
    • Unit Testing
    • E2E checks
    • Application Demos
  • Frequent & Extended development support based on business need: We support Agility (frequent changes in requirements in the middle of application development).
  • Testing by experts: We include senior testing engineers in our teams. Responsibilities of
    • Test Plan
    • Test Design
    • Test Review (Internal & External by Customers)
    • Test Execution
    • Application Demos or Deliverables (Test Screenshots)
    • Daily Status Report

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