Why Mob Apps Testing is required?

Today’s world is world of Digital. One of the important digital platforms to serve customers is Mobile Apps and this is widely used method now a days

  • Main purpose is to provide better experience to the customer
  • Helps in ensuring better performance and functionalities
  • Cost reduction by detecting faults at an early stage
  • It helps in elimination of various types of risks
  • Brand name can’t be created until app does not give soothing experience

In process of mobile app manual testing, testers are extremely important, we ensure that experienced, well-learned professionals work with us. Some common ways of mobile application testing are as below:

  • Application security testing
  • Usability testing
  • Combability Testing on cross platforms (different OS, different browsers and different devices)
  • Mobile app performance testing
  • Mobile app security testing

How GAMMA BYTE TECHNOLOGY performs Mob Apps test?

This process has multiple steps inscribed in it. Steps depend on testers as well as applications. Following steps are followed by GAMMA BYTE TECHNOLOGY:

  • Analysis of customer requirements: As we received customer requirements, our team start going through with the customers requirement and analyzing structure of app, goals and deliverables for project.
  • Proceed with SW Test Design & Test Execution: After analysis of requirements our team prepare the test cases and start execution of the same. We include cross platforms (Android and iOS), and different mobile devices for test execution.
  • Manual and Automation: Testing team decides which tool will be used in the process, for many apps only manual testing is enough.
  • Prioritized testing: This decides the order in which test cases needs to be executed and defects should be addressed.
  • Risk Based Testing: Every business should be ready to deal with various aspects that can lead to failure.
  • Exploratory Testing: As part of this our teams test application randomly. This test consists multiple permutations of multiple user inputs, cross navigations across applications etc.
  • Requirement Matrix: Here we check flow of information in business. If needed, we suggest changes.
  • Regression Testing: This ensures that fixes of testing do not adversely affect existing functionality or any other aspect of application.

Functional testing has wide range coverage from internal function check to UI/UX of application. From performance test to smoke test, many types of QA come in function check.

What are Advantages of Mob Apps Testing?

  • It ensures smooth functioning of application which is extremely important for better users’ experience.
  • It helps in tracking behavior of application in case of various types of inputs.
  • Dependency of various functions on each other is also monitored.
  • If new functions get added then how it impacts other existing functions of application.

Why GAAMA BYTE TECHNOLOGY for Mob Apps Testing?

  • Project Management: This is the one of the reasons why we have been a pioneer name in the same. Once we get order from customer, instantly we prepare a team of executives and manager, which starts work. We prepare and publish
    • Test Plan
    • Daily Status report
    • Daily Defect Triage details
  • Testing by experts: We include senior testing engineers in our teams. Responsibilities of
    • Test Design
    • Test Review (Internal & External by Customers)
    • Test Execution on cross platforms, cross browsers and different devices
    • Application Demos or Deliverables (Test Screenshots)

Frequent & Extended Testing support based on business need: We support Agility (frequent changes in requirements in the middle of testing) and also able to provide enhanced testing support according to business need.

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